This prayer was given to me by Daskalos during deep meditation. It helps to attune with god and helps to clean the personality (from fears and darkness). Please find the written version below.
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There is strength in prayer! Daskalos taught us DEEP prayer. When people with pure intention connect in the light of grace to pray, there is an expanding holy fire of power, change, healing and love. Jesus Christ, Daskalos, Father Pio and many other masters left us powerful healing elementals (angel elementals) with which we can connect to invite CHANGE for the most difficult situations in life. Now we have such a situation and I invite ALL of you to speak DEEP PRAYER with me. What it takes is your true and deep FAITH. Truly believe that what you ask for, what you visualize with the noblest and purest intention, has already happened and is accomplished! That is the DEEP PRAYER that Daskalos taught. In order for us to achieve a unity vibration that enables us to access the master elementals, we all start with the same prayer. It is a prayer that Daskalos gave me spiritually. He explained to me that it means attuning to God and brings heaven into you, down to earth. It is great if you then move on to the Lord's Prayer, because if so, you are carrying the earth to heaven. Imagine a clean and healthy earth, an expanding, glistening light of grace. You create a pure, strong and angelic elemental, and visualize how it connects with all other elementals that are simultaneously created by other people for the same purpose, and into the master elemental that our dear friends such as Daskalos, Father Pio and many have created more. So the elemental gets bigger and bigger. If enough people work, the point of change will be reached. Then this elemental will span the whole earth and MIRACLES will happen. ASK and you will be given! BELIEVE and TRUST! KNOCK on and the doors will be opened. Please find the prayer below:

Love you ALL, your Inge 

PRAYER: Beloved LIVE within me (my selfhood) and around me. Light that is within ALL*, power within ALL*, total wisdom and total love. I expand your pure spirit within me and lay my mind into your's, so that my mind becomes silent, pure and peaceful. Your spirit is  "within itself" self-sufficient. Your Spirit is noble, free from expectations, free from fear - but with the intention to move wonderfully. Now I feel, that your pure spirit is breathing me. I feel how your pure spirit becomes mine. In your spirit this worl is a place, where light has no shadow. In your spirit, all is ONE. In your spirit is grace, healing, power, and peace.(Inge Bergner) (if you like you could add the Lord's Prayer) (*ALL is used instead of everything. In contradiction to everything, which is related to things (every-thing) and therfore only to expressed aspects, "ALL" stands also for unexpressed and unmanifested aspects.)

Our Father, Thou art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come,
Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our transgressions as we forgive those who are transgressing against us.
Lead us while being in temptation and deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever. 

Absolute Infinite Beingness; Everlasting Life, Love and Mercy
Manifesting Yourself in Yourself as the Total Wisdom and the
Almightiness in your Omnipresence.
 Enlighten our minds to understand you as the Truth
Clean our hearts to reflect Love towards You, and towards all other
human beings – Amen. (Daskalos)